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I joined to make new friends and maybe find a partner. I filled out all the info that was required, which was quite simple and helpful. It can be quite a lot to face, the thought of starting all over again, but I decided to have a go. Then I started to browse through and to my surprise there were a lot of men in my partner matchlist. I read through their profiles and sent messages to about three guys but only one answered. It was something about the reply I got and the photo on his profile. Well what can I say we are going to give it a go and see where it leads us

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These days' youth are waiting for dating and when the day comes they will do one or the other kind of mistake with their partner. There are some rules which help them to understand one another better. For everything there are certain rules to be followed, in the same way, there are also some rules which are made for their .

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Do not go, on date with someone who has hurt you in the past. Do not lie during your date as you have to live with them. Tell them the truth, if you think that they will not accept you or like you also. It would be happy to go on a relationship with the one that stands on trust and truth. Let your relationship evolve, and do not reveal too much of your inner secrets at the first time.

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